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Letters to The Editor.

This page is incomplete, under development. It will be worked on during 2020.

Letters to The Editor.


Here the Editor will publish, within UK Journalistic standards and practice,
contributions from other sources .

Item 1

A ringer writes to me. Subject : Ringing

I am seriously considering giving up ringing.
Humans are not a very nice species and I would rather spend time with the dogs, who are non-judgemental, don't criticise me for progress or mistakes.
They comfort me when I'm in pain or feeling ill or sad. They don't kick me when I'm down.
My experience of bellringing in the last 2 and a half years has been a very bad experience.
Everything was good until I cracked the code and wanted more than Bob Doubles and Oxford.

Then it came at me from all angles.
Being treated like a leper at meetings, gossiped about, rumours spread, nasty remarks, being told I should only ring the treble, learning too much too fast (we all learn at different speeds) and then the latest.... I'm nasty and selfish and make too many mistakes.
If I am selfish... Why did i give up my Thursday nights to learners? I have an invite to ring elsewhere on higher numbers on Thursdays.
I could be very selfish and concentrate on my own progression. I get more out of seeing others progress, that's why I'm at building that band elsewhere. That isn't selfish. It's better known as selfless.
If I make too many mistakes... Why are 2 peal bands competing for my time?
Nasty, no, snappy maybe when I get fed up with all the backstabbing.
I wanted to progress from the local favourite method and Oxford as I could see that I would be a useful member of the band at other towers if I could ring more.
I decided to give it my all. Studying when I could be doing other stuff.
Working hard at it for hours on end. It doesn't come easy to me. I have to work at it.
But all I get for my efforts is a load of backstabbing bullying and social exclusion. Well worth all my time and effort I'm sure.

They are out to destroy my confidence. Why destroy a keen ringer? Ringing is in decline.
I now know why. Its not because it's unfashionable. It's because it's corrupt. Only a select few are allowed to progress beyond Bob Doubles and Oxford.
I'm not in the select few. I don't fit the mould.

A couple of weeks ago I was condemned for ringing at the level I was ringing at.
And a conductor purposely sabotaged what would have been a lovely quarter peal. All because I didn't make any mistakes. I was ringing inside.
Treble ringer went wrong. I got shouted at. No apology.

So you see, my confidence is shattered and I really don't know if I want to continue ringing.
I will be talking to someone about all this. It's time to put an end to all the backstabbing bullying.

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