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Top Dog syndrome.

This page is incomplete, under development. It will be worked on during 2020.

Top Dog syndrome.


Power in the belfry


One of the consequences of no "Governance" is a leadership vacuum.
Hence a power struggle.
As leadership depends on consent then the potential leader has to use subtle methods to achieve status

Be there every time

Be visible at every meeting,
have something to say.
Try to find and exploit faults in the current leader. Use "Safeguarding" as a weapon.


Yes, tell people what you can do. Emphasis technical terms, sound confident.

Show disapproval

Make comments about the standard of ringing

Well placed "tutting", there is great skill in "tutting", subtlety using it just in the right place to highlight others failings.



Chose a method to ring where you know your rival will struggle.

Use signs and signals to point your rival in the wrong direction.

Acclaim your rival's failures

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