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Past Case Review 2, in The Leeds Diocese.
A Total Whitewash

A Total Whitewash

  • Leeds Diocese ignore the Review Requirements.
  • Required = "concerns about the behaviour of any parish officer, employee or volunteer"
  • Leeds Diocese = "concerns regarding Clergy or a Church Officer"
  • Thousands of concerns would not have been made available to the Independent Reviewers
  • There may be many employees and volunteer leaders whose files have not been reviewed.
  • Are all these innocent incidents, or could there be some dangerous individuals afoot ????
  • Independent Reviewers
  • Only cases older than 1st January 2018 reviewed
  • Not given the power to look for hidden files.
  • Produce no reports of contact with survivors.
  • No examination of the success/failure of Survivor Strategy
  • No external information sought.

Issues with The Review

  • Some areas of improvement identified
  • Well; there needs to be something found.
  • Minor administrative improvements
  • Audit trail improvements
  • No Survivor action plan

Focus change to survivor support and culture change

  • Certainly not in The Leeds Diocese.
  • Amateur counselling in your own Church only.
  • No cultural review of recent cases.
  • Institutional attitudes remain fixed in the 19th century.

Proposal to remove the 12 month Clergy Disciplinary Measure time limit.

  • The sooner the better
  • No hiding place
  • Abusers brought to account at last.

My recommendations to anyone faced with this situation.

  • Jump on this quickly.
  • Using "Safeguarding" as a weapon
  • The Clergy are easily hoodwinked.
  • Make sure you get the seeds of doubt sown very early.
  • Sadly, this is never ending
  • Over 3 years on
  • The victimisation continues
  • Always a victim
  • Never a survivor
  • The Leaders of The CofE continue to perpetrate abuse
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