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Safeguarding Failure in The Church of England  ( 2019/2020 )

A whistleblower tells a story of multiple failures to comply with The Bishop's Guidance.
Bringing disrepute onto Wakefield Cathedral and All Saints Church, Pontefract.

  • A woman brings a Safeguarding case to The Clergy.  ( September 2019 )

My recommendations to anyone faced with this situation.

  • Jump on this quickly.
  • Contact, in writing, all the Clergy who might be involved.
  • Ask for details.
  • There is a 12 months time limit
    on bringing misconduct action against a Church Officer.
    12 months passes very quickly.
  • Using "Safeguarding" as a weapon
  • The Clergy are easily hoodwinked.
  • Make sure you get the seeds of doubt sown very early.

This page is incomplete, under development. It will be worked on during 2021.

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