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A Brief Tower History

Pre 1300 A Church existed on the site
Around 1300 The Chancel rebuilt
Before 1341 The Lower part of the Tower and Trancepts added
Mid 14 c The Belfry was added
Late 14c The Lantern was added.
Some say as an octagon
Others as a circular lantern
1598 There may have been as many as 12 bells in the Tower
The Civil War
The Church was attacked many times and the double helix staircase may have been built at that time as part of the siege works. The church was ruined in the fighting.
Many died in the tower.
The tower was probably burnt out.
The Lantern was ruined.
Bell metal is also gunmetal !!
Only one bell is thought to have survived.
1660 The Lantern collapsed, causing other damage
Late 17c The current Octagon Lantern is built.
1831 The tower and Chancel were restored by R.D Chantrell.
1863 6 Bells were installed
1905 The Old tenor bell was recast and 2 new trebles added to give the current ring of 8 bells.
Cost £349 12s 4d

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