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19Century All Saints
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Tower tours, see the bells and more.

Up the well worn staircase
The spiral staircase
Up to the bells
A view of the bells


Extended tour.

The Double Helix Staircase, Bells and Clock

Briefly hear the tower history and Civil War

Understand the Double Helix Staircase, using the model

Our ringers will take you up inner staircase to the Ringing Room

In the ringing room you will hear about the bells and listen to each ring.
You will see our clock
For the more adventurous, another short climb up the staircase and a short wooden ladder up to see the bells

Then you will descend the outer staircase into the North Aisle

A free tour, groups limited to 20 visitors
Booking preferred, else take a chance
Each tour will take around 75 minutes

Stable footwear essential

Please read our safety information.

Location : All Saints Church Pontefract

Booking preferred, else take a chance
Booking with email
Pontefract Bells 0791 221 0244

To be announced.

To be announced.

  • Contact us by Phone
    • 01977 796339
    • Or if really desperate on my mobile
    • 0791 221 0244
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