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Profile  :   Lady Coppice

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Profile : Lady Coppice Porky Pie

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Early Years

First Names, Lady or any of 4 other names
Surnames 5 possibles, Coppice, Foster name


What has been learnt


Ringing Achievements


Closure of ringing at All Saints Pontefract
Breakup of many friends groups around Wakefield


Likes a good drama

It's not that she deliberately tells lies, just it seems hard to believe most of the stories



Quoting DC (in July 2019)
"I am seriously considering giving up ringing. Humans are not a very nice species and i would rather spend time with the dogs, who are non-judgemental, don't criticise me for progress or mistakes. They comfort me when I'm in pain or feeling ill or sad. They don't kick me when I'm down. My experience of bellringing in the last 2 and a half years has been a very bad experience."


Not welcome at most towers around Wakefield and Doncaster
Peal ringing the only option.

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