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Mental and Physical Exercise.

This page is incomplete, under development. It will be worked on during 2020.

Mental and Physical Exercise.

Banging away the gym ?
Pumping iron, switch off the brain to exercise.
there must be something better.

  • Ringing has a unique balance of physical and mental exercise
  • Low impact cyclic physical exercise
  • "Bell handling" is a skill that uses a wide range of muscles in the body.
  • Not just the pulling muscles.Heart rate normally around 40% above resting.
  • Bursts of increased heartrate during climbing the tower steps and raising the bell.
  • Mental exercise
  • "Campanology" is great exercise for the brain.
  • Ultimate concentration required
  • Learning methods, makes the memory cells work.
  • Bringing your learning into action is good for reaction times.
  • Impact physical exercise
  • Not good for your body long term
  • Examples are
  • Running, impact on the lower limb joints.
  • Tennis, impact during twists and turns
  • Non-Impact exercise
  • Also, not good for your body long term
  • Examples are
  • Bowls or golf, little more than a gentle walk
  • Watching TV, sedentary lifestyle, need I expand?

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